RBE Plus at Franken Guss

Interview with Sven Uttinger, IT Manager at Franken Guss GmbH & Co. KG

Automated process documentation in the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 with RBE Plus

Introducing Franken Guss

IBIS: As an internationally operating company, we are particularly pleased to have gained a company from our own Franconian region, one that speaks our language. Mr Uttinger, what precisely does Franken Guss produce?

Franken Guss: We produce tailor-made castings in iron and aluminum for our customers. Franken Guss is more of an automotive casting company with the USP that we have an iron and aluminum foundry on one site. Some of our customers include Daimler, ZF, VW and Porsche.


IT Challenges

IBIS: As a typically mid-sized company, Franken Guss is also confronted by the most diverse requirements in IT as well. What challenges do you face?

Franken Guss: We also have a challenge with our SAP system. We took over Sachsen Guss some 4 years ago. Sachsen Guss has its own SAP system and we have a SAP system – naturally both with different versions. There have been quite a few challenges just keeping the system up to date. We are gradually investing a lot in network infrastructures to obtain improved performance, but we also need to do more on the hardware side. I would also like to complete the current SAP project, the Unicode conversion and ERP update, to be ready for a possible transition to HANA. These are the main problems we face, although there’s also now the issue of the implementation of the new EU GDPR. We are also increasingly concerned about the security of information as we work in the automotive sector. Our customers place a number of requirements on their supplies which we have to fulfill.


Analysis of use

IBIS: IBIS Prof. Thome AG carried out a system and process analysis, among other things, at Franken Guss. What were the most important findings from the results?

Franken Guss: We already knew that there was a lot of cleanup potential in our system due to our past. We very quickly saw that there were a lot of skeletons in the system that we were able to identify by the analysis. We eliminated them in the first clean-up and the project went really very well indeed.


SAP Solution Manager

IBIS: It was not least the issue of documentation that persuaded you to use the SAP Solution Manager. What exactly do you expect from using the SAP Solution Manager?

Franken Guss: We are hoping for transparency and documentation. We are also hoping for support with testing. If we have changes/updates, then everything is cleanly documented and processes are simplified. Up to now we have done all this using Excel and Word documents.


Support from IBIS

IBIS: IBIS Prof. Thome AG was involved in using the SAP Solution Manager, and particularly with the automated documentation of your business processes. What benefits did you gain from the cooperation and how was IBIS Prof. Thome AG able to support you in this?

Franken Guss: We were simply delighted with the tool. Other tools have been introduced to us before. With your tool we can still make certain evaluations even afterwards. I have already recommended the tool to other service providers.


You can download the interview as a PDF here as well.

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