SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is on the horizon

In January 2016 DSAG (SAP user group for German-speakers), SAP AG and IBIS Prof. Thome convened once again at Fortress Marienberg in Würzburg – this time for SAP Solution Manager Info Days. The event lasted two days – ample time and an ideal setting for users and experts to exchange experiences and the latest news regarding SAP Solution Manager – SAP’s solution for Application Lifecycle Management.


This year topics centered on the latest 7.2 release, whose ramp-up began at the end of last year. In contrast to all previous, smaller releases, version 7.2 has some entirely new features and sweeping changes in store for users.

Reason enough for user organizations to get a jump-start on planning for the transition from 7.1 to 7.2. Still greater incentive: as early as December 2017, users will be faced with announcements heralding the discontinuation of basic support for version 7.1. There’s clearly no time to waste.

An assured highlight, Prof. Thome’s keynote address impressed on users the importance of speed in making modifications in response to constant real-world changes. The title of the speecDSAG Tagung 2016h said it all: Tempo, Tempo, Tempo.

The new capabilities and eliminated restrictions in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 play a central role in how systems and processes can now be documented. The presentations and customer conversations reflected this development and brought home the message that sound and informative analyses are still very much in demand.

IBIS speakers focused on the question of how to create a customer-specific process structure in SAP Solution Manager. Highlighted in these speeches were a wide range of options (Dr. Heiko Hecht) that included non-ERP solutions (such as CRM, SRM, BW) available in the SAP space (Dr. Volker Bätz) and S/4 HANA (Dr. Udo Siedler/ Fabian Krüger).


For SAP Solution Manager 7.2, IBIS announced an extension of its RBE Plus usage analyses in cooperation with SAP: The generation of End2End business processes for Solution Documentation 7.2, which can be adopted via a new interface to SAP Solution Manager. It can be modified and scaled in line with specific customer requirements with the aid of a system-based RBE Plus usage analysis and a deliberate approach based on analysis results.

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